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PIN-UP.TECH: Our progressive team sets trends in the IT industry and grows every day


What makes your business successful? A high quality product, a great service or innovations? Definitely! However, you are nothing without a cool team of professionals ready to develop every day, to implement the boldest ideas, and to change the world. Let’s talk about the demand for ambitious and talented IT specialists in PIN-UP.TECH.

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The iGaming industry is a progressive business, with online casinos today using cutting-edge software to offer more cool and quality games. The industry requires using modern technologies, concepts, and approaches – High Load, Big Data, High Availability, High Scalability, Realtime, and Low Latency. The gaming software providers make the real engine of global development of the industry.

What is PIN-UP.TECH?

PIN-UP.TECH is one of the areas of the PIN-UP Global ecosystem that develops software for the iGaming industry in Golang, AngularJS, and Python. PIN-UP.TECH implements innovative technologies, out-of-the-box solutions to develop and scale its products and services. The following belong to the products used by millions of users around the world on a daily basis: iGaming platform; Affiliate system; Marketing tools; CRM; Native Apps; Fintech.

„At PIN-UP.TECH, we strive for technical excellence in implementing, delivering and operating our products. This means that we implement and use modern technologies, approaches, and tools.  Our progressive team creates trends, develops the market, and grows every day,” says Dmytro Poltorak, VP of Engineering at PIN-UP. TECH.

Today PIN-UP.TECH employs over 300 IT specialists (including over 80 golang developers). These are professionals with unique experience in the market, implementing the boldest and most daring ideas, ready for any challenges and over-the-top tasks.

Who is PIN-UP.TECH currently recruiting?

PIN-UP.TECH is regularly looking for new Solution and Software Architects, Golang-developers, Angular Developers, DevOps, NOC and SRE engineers, QA engineers, as well as product managers, project managers and business analysts not only in Ukraine but also around the world (you can find current vacancies of PIN-UP.TECH on the PIN-UP Global website).

A Golang developer, for example, getting into PIN-UP.TECH shall deal with the development on a micro service architecture with Domain Driven Design and Event Driven approach, use Kubernetes, AWS as a cloud provider, gitops, CI/CD, NATS mesh-cluster, consul, geo-distributed projects, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Clickhouse, Redshift, Elasticsearch.

„There is a demand for professionals in any area of activity – both in IT and in iGaming in particular. We are looking for progressive, proactive, active and courageous ones – and we help them develop quickly, give them the opportunity to participate in different projects and influence those,” says Dmytro Poltorak.

What does PIN-UP.TECH offer prospective employees?

Pinupers have everything they need for a productive work, powerful development, achievement of ambitious goals and for implementation of bold ideas: the social package (plus insurance), corporate training, cool technical support, permanent automation of work processes, as well as the opportunity to work anywhere in the world, extra days off and corporate events.

Moreover, every pro at PIN-UP.TECH knows that the iGaming industry is developing at a breakneck pace, so there will always be enough ambitious tasks and new challenges. Dmytro Poltorak predicts that in 2023 the industry will develop in several directions at the same time:

  • Cryptocurrencies will strengthen their position by providing high security of payment transactions and protection of players’ personal data. Such anonymity will expand the users’ geo from tightly controlled territories.
  • The iGaming industry expects original and unique games like Aviator, also using NFT technology.
  • The release and support of mobile versions of iGaming and mobile-first platforms will become increasingly popular. This gives the users an opportunity to play anytime, anywhere. The advantage will be the availability of games for emerging markets together with the placement of iGaming platforms in cloud services, which will reduce the requirements on the client side of the platform.
  • Still emerging AR, VR and metaverse technologies will gain in popularity; however, it is not entirely certain that they will be able to offer practical implementation approaches in the iGaming world as early as 2023.
  • The application of AI and ML simultaneously will be wider, which together with the use of social casino and gamification approaches will create a unique gaming environment for the player, obtain effective solutions for operators, as well as increase the platform security, for example, in the anti-fraud direction.

PIN-UP.TECH is one of the activities of PIN-UP Global, an ecosystem of independent companies involved in the life cycle of various entertainment products. PIN-UP.TECH is engaged in quality control, as well as provides and promotes the responsible gaming feature to control gaming addiction among customers.

PIN-UP Global condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The charity fund PIN-UP Foundation was founded in 2022 aimed at helping Ukrainians who suffered from Russian aggression, as well as at rebuilding the country.

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